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Voice Portfolio

  • Centralised and distributed telephony architecture
  • Appliance server and Media gateways
  • Multimedia communications suite
  • Real time conferencing & collaboration
  • Unified Messaging and Mobility
  • Integration of Smart phone with enterprise telephony
  • XML applications on IP phones

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Video Conference Portfolio

  • Entry level to high performance High Definition Video Conference end points
  • Telepresence systems
  • Multipoint Control Units – MCU
  • Integrated and detached VC options
  • Digital Media Suite
  • Integration with Physical Security

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Network Portfolio

Ethernet Switching

  • Range of entry level unmanaged non-stackable switches to advanced managed stackable switches - Core, Aggregation and Access LAN switches.

Enterprise Routing

  • Range of Integrated routers for Small Business and Branch edge to high performance campus Core routers for Datacenters.

Network Security

  • Infrastructure security (firewall, VPS, IPS/IDS, web and email security), UTM, Identity and Access management, Data Security and Security management.
  • Data centre solutions, Storage and Virtualisation
  • Network Management System
  • Cloud network services

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Wireless Portfolio

  • 802.11a/b/g/n-compliant WLAN access points
  • Indoor & Outdoor MIMO Aps.
  • Standalone WLAN access point and WLAN controller solutions
  • Wireless Network Management
  • Outdoor wireless solutions - 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz AP for backhaul, hotspot WDS
  • Antennas and accessories
  • Wireless IP telephony & Video surveillance